letter to Atiku from a young writer


A young writer by name Ejike ofoegbu has written thus far

Can this get to Atiku.

Dear sir, my name is Ejike Ofoegbu a young writer, I voted for you, I took my mother, sister, my whole family to vote for you.

Not only me, many Nigerians did the same or even more than me just for your sake sir, I was calling my friends from other states asking them to go out now and vote Atiku-Obi just for your sake, I create a Facebook page, boost it with your picture and election agenda just for your sake sir.

We did our best as a good people to vote out a dictator and a tyranny in power, it was clear that the election was rigged against you in favour of a man who values cow more than his family. Sir Nigerians are in tears, the nation is in a great agony, I and many good Nigerians felt like our future have been robbed. in a country where a president was announced a winner, instead for celebrations, there are sorrows in states and houses.

Sir don’t and never make that call, millions of people are solidly behind you, if you make that call sir, you have killed your political stand and will never be taking serious again in life. Take that Daura man called Buhari to court, be rest assured that, on the court day, millions of Nigerians will be protesting in front of the Court House for justice to prevail, the crowd that will be crowd, the court house will speak volume for itself.

Please sir, its no longer you and INEC, it now INEC and Nigerians, Nigeria is too big for one man to change the will of millions, we had confidence in you, that’s why we all voted for you in Mass, if you make that call, you called us fools, and shame will be unto us.

Heaven, Man, Sea and even the flying creatures of heaven are with you on this, sir we are in this together. Sue that man.

Ask INEC to produce the main election results, and Card readers, if they fail, sue them for damages.

Sue the Army for all the lives they wasted while invading some Polling units.

Sue also the police for invaded some polling Units too. (join Buhari and his govt) for witch hunting and blackmail.

Accuse the INEC of being the master mind behind the invasion of some polling Units so that they can easily rig the election for Buhari. That INEC was actually after your down fall in the election and not Buhari.

That at the invasion, Some of PDP voters must had been killed or abducted by the invaders at the instruction of Buhari. Only for INEC to turn around and rig the election for Buhari.

This cases will change Nigeria forever.

Atiku should stop being a gentleman in the jungle; he should be the one vigorously accusing the government of kidnapping his voters at the polling Unit (and killing them). He has to seize the game and narrative, and use every voice and passion he can muster.

This is Nigger-Area, a glorified jungle.
You are either a wolf or a sheep; no middle ground! Wake up Atiku, the vultures are circling!

Don’t make that call sir.