Social media reacts as story of beautiful lady who lost her husband because of butt pad hits the internet!


A devastated young man is about to divorce his wife just one day after their wedding. Considering all the money and effort that goes into planning a wedding, it must be a serious issue for him to seek divorce. He received the shock of his life he found out that his new wife had been deceiving him for all the time they were dating.

The general commotion of women lieing and deceiving men has finally come to bite one woman in the back or should I say butt. As if the before and after makeup videos are not enough, where albino is doing melanin popping. Ladies now change their body shape, bigger butts,bigger boobs, smaller waist.

The new wife lied to her husband about the size of her butt by wearing a butt pad. The man relayed his situation to popular relationship expert David Papa Bondze-Mbir, he said that he and his wife had agreed to stay chaste during dating. So he had no way of knowing her lies

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He said he was attracted to her first beacuse of her endowed backside and that was what caught his eyes first of all before he proceeding to know her.

But on the night of their wedding when they decided to consummate their marriage for the first time, he was surprised to to see that the backside of her wife was not as big as he had thought.

The wife, he explained in his chat with Bondzie-Mbir, had bigger lady lumps than her backside which is something he so much disliked.

With this in mind, the man said he was no more attracted to his wife though he revealed that she was beautiful and had all the character traits of a good woman.

For him, the big backside was a deal breaker and he has been disturbed since coming to the realization that his wife actually had smaller size than he thought.


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