Set a time limit to end Boko Haram menace, Sen Ndume challenges Buhari

Senator Ali Ndume has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to concentrate on the security issues facing Nigeria and as a matter of urgency set a time limit to completely defeat Boko Haram.

During a chat with newsmen on Thursday in Maiduguri, Ndume who passionately lamented the security challenges being faced in every part of the country, said Buhari should suspend every other thing for now and concentrate on securing the country.

“The federal government should leave every other thing for now and concentrate squarely on security,” he advised.

Ndume added that; “It is very important now for government to be determined to address the issue of security,” and also maintained that without security, no development can be achieved.

“We are tired of hearing ‘Boko Haram attack has been repelled’ or ‘Boko Haram has been degraded; we want to hear Boko Haram have been completely defeated and the war has ended,” advising government and the security agencies to set a time limit for the end of Boko Haram and work towards that.“

“The black spots of the war are known; Sambisa Forest; Gwoza and Mandata mountains; and the Lake Chad regions; these are where the insurgents are now concentrated; troops should be massively deployed there,” he said.