The most stringent question in the minds of single men is finding a woman worthy to be called a wife.

Many heartbreaks have left not just women in despair but men also have had their shares of love grieved, making most men to tightened up on the matter and even made many conclude that it is impossible to find true love.

Making it more complicated is the decision to whether settle with a single lady, who has a bright spirit or a single mother, who now has a good sense of taking responsibility.

As an eligible bachelor who wants to pick a life partner, some would prefer to settle down with a single lady, while others might be contemplating a single mother.

For those men who are desiring a single mother, this is why your choice is a perfect fit.

1. She’s Now A Full Grown Woman

The worst thing most men cannot withstand is living with a woman who treats and addresses matters of importance childishly. It is easy and rather convenient for most men to live with a lady who treats life maturely, and for a man who wants a woman who has a better understanding of what adulthood should be, then marrying a single mother would be a better pick.

Love Doctor, Jojo Olumofin puts it this way; “Having a child forces a woman to grow faster and assume more responsibilities. She tends to have her priorities straight.”

2. Good Sense For Financial Management

For most single ladies, their priorities when it comes to money would be channelled into skin care treatment, hairdo and buying of just luxurious items that are not needful.

But, a single mother, vested with the responsibility to manage her child alone, would have her priorities right, knowing what to spend money on.

And for a real man, you would desire a woman who knows how to merge and manage your income with the home expenses.

Jojo still has a word for you; “A Lady with no child tends to spend her money on clubs, drinks, hair, skincare. A single mother is more financially prudent with money.”

3. Broad Perspective Of Life

Singleness can be fun and most of the single ladies just wants to enjoy it while it last, giving them a very shallow understanding of what life is all about.

A single mother, on the other hand, has a better view and perspective about life, she has her priority right, going through the labour of raising a child on her own.

Here’s what Jojo advice; “A lot of single ladies don’t know what they want in life yet, they haven’t figured out their Self Actualized state but single mothers have a plan that can fit five people.”

4. Mr Right Is Rightly Defined

Numerous advances to single ladies can make them void of whom they want to spend the rest of their lives with, as most of them tend to poise hard to get and some tend to put up unnecessary drama just to confirm if the man who is making the advances is their Mr right.

A single mother has tasted singleness and known how to define true love with an acute knowledge of whom she can be her Mr right.

Her feelings do not becloud her sense of good judgement, so for a bachelor due for marriage seeking a woman who knows how to wrap her feelings around sound judgement when making the choice for a life partner, a single mother would be the best fit.

Jojo speaking on this, he said; “Because she already has a running family unit on her own. She knows the perfect fit for a husband. A lot of single ladies don’t know the type of man they want. All their sure of is that the man must have money.”

5. A Praying Wife

A single mother is more tilted towards God and the things of the spirit because of the stigma she receives from society due to her status as a single mother.

To all the due bachelors, if you’re looking for a woman who would pray for you with her whole heart, a single mother would be a good fit for you.

Jojo adds; “Because of the stigma and challenges single mothers face. They are often more religious than single ladies. They will pray for you more”.

Marrying a single mother is not a stigma, against the popular notion, you’re not going to be spending more because she now has a child, she would instead make your life more comfortable than most single ladies.

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