SEE Rare Photos Of Nigerian Father Bathing His Newborn Baby

In African homes, many fathers are not homemakers and they are not in charge of the day to day maintenance of the home. Taking care of babies or children are responsibilities believed to belong to mothers and women.

However, some men nowadays embrace the idea of helping out their women and children with chores at home. A rare photo of a Nigerian man bathing his newborn baby has surfaced on the internet and has become a growing sensation after it was first shared on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

The Nigerian man looks delighted to help his wife by bathing their newborn baby. According to excited father, he decided to do so in order for his wife to rest properly as he was elated to bath and dress his baby up.

Many Nigerian men do not take child care very serious as it is seen as a female duty. Breaking norms, this man decides to give care to his newborn child, by single handling bathing the child. The man who shared the photos on his news feed, captioned it, “My sister, stop looking up and down, find a Bonny man, settle down and be Happy with your life!” he captioned the post.

According to the post-Facebook, the man who identifies as Kingsley Tammy Jumbo, on Tuesday, posted photos of a young father from Rivers state, bathing one of his newborn twins.

Social media users impressed by the display hailed the caring father after these photos were posted online. This isn’t an everyday photo.

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